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DANAOS INFOGATE integrates seamlessly with the full range of DANAOS Applications while in the same time maintaining a strong profile of an electronic registrar, email, document and case management system. Providing a unique incoming and registration numbering, along with time-stamping and document details, DANAOS INFOGATE facilitates life cycle Document Management within the organization, turning data into useful info and content into context.

Capture, organize, assign and associate all your incoming and outgoing documentation from multiple desks (registrars) and eliminate copies, print outs, manual storage and distribution.

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Based on the European Maritime Strategic Framework (EMSF), DANAOSONE™ is a professional B2B versatile e-servicing Platform that seamlessly integrates with your internal operational, safety systems & compliance policies. Share content and engage your suppliers, partners or customers securely.

DANAOSONE™ Platform offers a unique, open, multi-tier, state of the art architecture that warranties your company's full control, agility and scalability. You can choose the right mixo/ e of cloud-based or office-based services, and tailor your processes according to your needs, from Start to Finish.


Fleet efficiency is the key element for optimal Ship management and Vessel Operations. WAVES™ Big Data Analytics Framework is a superior approach to big data visualization, exploration, business intelligence and data navigation. Designed for, launched by and operated from maritime professionals, WAVES™ is 100% market relevant. WAVES™ is a Fleet Performance System that applies big data analytics aiming to improve overall fleet efficiency throughout the complete lifecycle of the vessel.

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