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Planned Maintenance System (PMS)

Planned Maintenance System (PMS) is specially designed for maintenance monitoring on any marine or industrial plant. Provides flexible specification of required maintenance integrating with the spares usage. Integrates maintenance with class surveys. Permits decoupling of maintenance continuity from personnel changes. Semi-annual concise maintenance and survey planning and full maintenance plan for any required period. Spare parts usage monitoring and future requirements prediction.

Creation of the entire PMS, related technical forms and Survey Status into the system for the entire fleet can be outsourced to DANAOS. These services are performed by Marine Chief Engineers having extensive sea and rank experience.


This Module offers the creation of the dry-docking report, the sending to the various shipyards for quotations, the evaluation of the quotes, the final order placement and the follow up of the jobs done during the dry-docking. Has a user friendly interface, utilizing the “drag & drop” functionality which is offered by the Windows.

In one screen the user can select, define and create all that is required for the Dry-docking report generation. When the shipyards receive the files then they will be able to fill up their quotes and send them back to the office. Also the user will be able to import the quoted prices from the yards and thereafter from the DANAOS Supplies Module to do the yard comparison. All the Dry-docking information will be saved on separate tables and in that way the user can retrieve historical information.

HSQE (ISM System)

This Module is designed to provide the launch platform of the company preparation and certification to ISM requirements. It provides the backbone of the efficient maintenance of the ISM system once the company is certified and ensures continuity of compliance. The degree of automation provided ensures that minimum human intervention is required for application the closed – loop principle of the ISM code.

The basic structure of the ISM Administrator is consistent with the DANAOS Ship Management Suite for office and vessel. A complete and integrated safety, quality and information system can be built giving the shipping company the benefits of a unified platform to build its competitiveness.

Risk Assessor

The Risk@Assessor is a structured risk assessment program for ships operation covering operational, accident, security and environmental risks with a unified approach. RAP considers risk assessment as an endless procedure utilizing business learning mechanisms based on industry and company previous experiences.

Risk Assessor estimates risks with accuracy (according to the Code of Safe Working Practices for Merchant Seamen published by MCA (which is based on BS 8800 standard) and Risk Manager Implements plan of actions to reduce the consequences or the probability of occurrence (Risk management definition BS 4778).

Procurement (Supply)

DANAOS Supply has been conceived to minimize cost through complete supply cycle (supply chain) support, efficient evaluation of requisitions, comparison of quotations, order break up strategies, historic cost references and order follow-up to destination. Productivity is enhanced by the paperless distribution of all produced legal document to suppliers.

Digital Services of DANAOS Supply are also available via our DANAOSONE Platform.

DANAOS Supply is part of the Ship Management Suite and consists of 3 modules:

Spares, Stores & Provisions.

Each one has been optimized for the specific task and reporting requirements.

Crew / HR (Crewing System / Planning)

Crewing System Module is specially designed for crewing departments or crew agents.

Crewing System, provides historical performance record for each seaman, personal card, seaman application, and follow up. Quick search for any combination of qualifications in seaman’s personal card and means for evaluating seaman point system reporting of past performance. Actual crew list by rank is obtained both present and past. Actually available or not available crew by rank. Possibility of allocating crew to vessels. Planning Reports for on board and ashore personnel. Multiple crew list generated for U.S. immigration and other authorities.

Payroll / MGA

MGA Module is designed in order to facilitate the Operation Department of a shipping company to automatically check Master’s Accounts. Handles multiple collective and individual crew agreements. Validates pay-slips received from the Master.

Processes monthly and extra allotments. Produces wages, tax statements and records of crew ledgers. Calculates retroactive wages and updates the accounting system with relevant entries. Reports for various statistics are included. Generates automatically list with payments of Monthly.

Marine Claims Manager / Insurance Manager

Streamline your claims handling operations with the Marine Claims Manager Module. This module is designed for registration and grouping of Claims per company. Ability to retrieve entries from Marine Accounting module, modify and group in order to calculate amend the value of the claim (Receipts/payments). Reporting is available to print the Outstanding Claims or the total history of a specific Claim.

Superintendent Inspection System

Superintendent Inspection software is specially designed for vessel survey and recommendation status monitoring. All surveys are followed up with windowing capability. Checking of survey execution within allowed windows is automated. Technical Department is informed at any stage about vessel’s survey and recommendation status, overdue surveys and surveys due at any future date.


TMSA Application is an integrated software system for effective calculation of KPIs for TMSA compliance. Most KPIs specified in the OCIMF questionnaire require the processing of data that are derived from multiple software modules and the execution of specific algorithmic calculations on that data. If the modules are not integrated then the automatic calculation of the KPIs is impossible and can only be performed manually, a process that will take a considerable amount of time.

Maritime KPIs

The integrated approach of all the functions of a ship management company in one integrated system provides the appropriate infrastructure to support maritime specific KPI’s setup and monitoring.

The new DANAOS Web Enterprise Solution has this functionality as built-in. A mechanism to enrich the maritime KPI’s library is available. KPI’s definitions and their arguments are user defined and may be published easily to the system. A framework of utilities is offered to cover the publishing procedure. Members of IT departments or even users can create, compile and test different KPI’s without risking the integrity of the system.

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