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Cloud ERP

Marine Accounting & MIS

DANAOS Financial Suite is aligned with GAAP Standards and SARBANES OXLEY ACT OF 2002 – Compatible with SOX and SOX404 Requirements and Rules.

Support of Voyage Accounting and Analysis, Running Cost Reporting, Cash Flow Analysis including accruals.

Suitable for Ship management, Ship owning, Ship holding Groups, Operators, Agents, Bunker Traders, etc.


Application software specially designed for the Treasury Department. Selection of Outstanding Payables due in certain period.

Supports partial payments, the use of advance or upfront payments and intercompany bank/cash transfers.

Supports Multiple bank accounts for each Creditor for each payment currency. Automatically creates a payment entry that includes automated intercompany and exchange differences.

Budgeting System

Application Software specially designed for the Accounting Procurement and Management department of a Shipping company.

Designed to support all types of calculations, the user can budget: Running Costs, Income, Profit, Financing Costs, Credit Line, Project Budgeting, etc. Consolidated budgeting for a group of projects or group of companies that can be compared with Historic Accounting Information are included in the system.

Fixed Assets Register

Designed for registration and grouping of assets per company, this module provides all the necessary tools to manage your maritime assets’ financial and tax reporting.

Ability to create automatic Purchase entries of new assets. Depreciation of all assets and automatic entries to Marine Accounting module are available. Sophisticated depreciation features perform calculations quickly and easily.

Bunker Trading Financials

Bunker Trading Financials is specially designed for the traders involved in bunkering, fuels and lubricants providing continuous online information such as the status of bunkers deliveries, past or future payments and customer’s/ supplier’s exposure from suppliers involved to the agents and ship owners.

The system automates invoicing and sequentially all accounting files.

Protocol (Financial Document Controller)

The Financial Document Controller module automates the procedure of protocol registration assigning a unique protocol number to any incoming invoice or other official document. It also stores the scanned image of the physical document.

This module is fully integrated with all relevant DANAOS applications such as Supply, Accounting, Bunkering, Crew Ticketing etc.

Marine Claims & Insurance

Streamline your claims handling operations with the Marine Claims Manager Module. This module is designed for registration and grouping of Claims per company.

Ability to retrieve entries from Marine Accounting module, modify and group in order to calculate amend the value of the claim (Receipts/payments). Reporting is available to print the Outstanding Claims or the total history of a specific Claim.

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