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Cloud ERP

Voyage Estimation (Chartering / Pre-Fixture)

Including a large and extensible port distances data base, the system permits on line checking of more than one vessel for the same job, permits “What if” suppositions by interactive variation of all associated figures when modifying one of the estimation parameters.

All necessary terms are already included in the system and easily retrieved. The system handles multiple cargos/parcels and unlimited number of loading and discharging ports.

Vessel Scheduling

Monitors, manages and administers all tasks and procedural activities involved in the operations of bulkers, tankers, containers/liners and LNG/LPG. General dashboard provides consolidated information in terms of all operations and crucial alerts, providing an overall situation awareness. Plan voyage based on C/P and voyage order is taking into consideration original chartering estimations, derived during fleet scheduling. Generates reports or shows alerts that assist the operations department to manage ‘by exception’ the voyage. Real time post analysis reports.

Vessel Operation (Telegrams Report)

The function of inputting the daily telegrams form the vessel to the system can be outsourced to DANAOS, where our data center receive these telegrams from the client’s vessel and remotely update the system within a specified time frame, allowing the client to view updated vessel positions and consumption at any point in time.

Vessel Port Expenses (Port DA’s)

Port Expenses Module is specially designed for vessel port expenses and payment follow up. Initial offer and proforma invoice are entered into the system together with the final invoice. The updating of DANAOS Marine Accounting is fully automated.

The payment approval to the agent can be done through the system. Various reports specifying Disbursement Accounting department activity, i.e. number of invoices approved, checked, pending, paid, etc. are produced. The system is fully integrated with DIABOS/DA DESK.

Bunkering Managing System

Monitors bunkering events and specially designed to provide continuous on line information for any company involved in the bunkers supply business, including oil companies, bunkers suppliers, brokers, intermediates, etc.

The system automates invoicing & information system can update accounting files. Apart from the follow-up of the client’s payment status, the company exposure and telex and official invoices, on-line information concerning the status of bunkers deliveries, past or future payments and customer’s/ supplier’s exposure, is also available.

Freight Collection System (Freight & Hire)

This Module is specially designed for Post-fixture information, Creating Debit Notes, Credit notes sent charterers, automatically created vouchers for accounting record non Debit Notes and Credit Notes issued, recording charterer’s payments and preparing vouchers for Accounting records. Keeping track of voyage revenues and expenses.

Laytime / Demurrage Calculator

This Module is integrated with the timesheet of the loading/discharging activity which comes from the vessel directly. It has been designed to assist users with laytime/demurrage/dispatch calculations. It caters for all modern charter party clauses regarding commencement and cessation of laytime, thus allowing users to establish the demurrage /dispatch due seamlessly in various scenarios. Depending on the terms and consequently the parameters inserted in the program, the system assesses laytime generating a detailed Statement of Facts mentioning all relevant data essential for the calculation.

With DANAOS powerful but user-friendly Laytime and Demurrage Calculation software, you need only minutes instead of hours for error-free calculation. That means you save time and effort as well as money.

Laytime / Demurrage Calculator

DANAOS Weather Navigator is an Onboard and complementary office applications that enables the collaboration on navigation to find the safest and most efficient routes. Track the progress of your voyage and spot easily C/P non- compliance.


DANAOS SEEMP module encompasses the full spectrum of IMO regulations and guidelines regarding ship efficiency. SEEMP module enables the management to identify the root causes of operational deficiencies and achieve above the competition performance level for each vessel type.

Energy Efficiency Module is a performance monitoring tool in terms in technical, financial & statutory (EEOI, MRV, etc.) terms. The maritime Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) was made mandatory for new ships and the Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP) for all ships at MEPC 62 (July 2011) with the adoption of amendments to MARPOL Annex VI, by Parties to MARPOL Annex VI. This was the first legally binding climate change treaty to be adopted since the Kyoto Protocol.

eORB (Electronic Record Book)

DANAOS Electronic Oil Record Book Software (available as a native mobile app) is the complete solution for keeping Oil Record Book “clean of errors”. Vessels where MARPOL Convention is applicable should keep and update the Oil Record Book, where the Chief Engineer should record all oil or sludge transfers and discharges within the vessel.

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