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A fusion of maritime-specific Knowhow and Innovation, Committed to Excellence

Headquartered in Piraeus Greece, DANAOS Management Consultants S.A. is a vertical software house specializing in Maritime Applications and Systems. DANAOS is a global Organization with hundreds of Clients in all continents and regions. More than 6500 Vessels globally use Danaos Software, a software fully optimized to operate within a Vessel’s environment and bilaterally synchronize data from and to the Offices. Key Software applications Suites include: Financial Suite, Commercial Suite, Technical Suite, Crew Welfare, Blue Shipping, Ship Management Suite, Fleet Performance Management, Voyage Operations, Weather Navigation, Environmental Management, Business Intelligence and Maritime Efficiency.

As in all other DANAOS Companies, Danaos Applications are Industry-Specific and Purpose-Built, meaning that adhere to the current industry processes and regulations and are designed, developed and launched to meet the challenges of each Maritime Organization’s’ Department, User-Role, Vessel-Type, Chartered-Operation, Port Regulations etc.

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Who we are

Well in the fourth decade of our operations, Danaos remains the leader at the Maritime Software domain, providing cutting edge Maritime-Specific Solutions and the broadest portfolio Suite of integrated applications for Vessel Operations, Commercial, Technical, Financial Management and Business Intelligence.
Office2Vessel and Vessel2Office, we synchronize and collect data, digitalize processes, integrate systems, customize applications and generate intelligent information to drive smarter and faster business decisions.

We have more than 110 employees more than half of which are involved in software development. We always work closely with our Clients, understanding their needs and providing immediate answers even to the most challenging requests whilst enriching our Software products with new features from the best practices of top companies, around the world.

With more than 650 customers and 6500 vessels, our team of subject-matter experts, along with our development frameworks, have an unparalleled ability to address industry requirements at both a global and local level.

Our Vision – Our Ethos

We are committed to remain at the forefront of business and technological developments in maritime Information Technology, developing and introducing continuously new software applications and undertake the business initiatives that fully satisfy all operational and business requirements of our customers.

DANAOS was founded by Dr. John Coustas and Mr. Dimitrios-Konstantinos Theodosiou, in Greece, in 1986. The aim was and still remains, to provide integrated information technology solutions taking full account of the human and technical dimensions of the projects and the particularities of the Shipping Industry.

Danaos is committed to continuously measuring greenhouse gas footprint and understanding where our emissions come from in order to target and adjust efforts towards decarbonizing our business. The greenhouse gases we emit come from energy used to develop our software products, fuel our datacenters, and energy and refrigerants to keep our computer rooms and offices in within specific operating temperature thresholds. Despite of the type and relatively small size of our footprint due to our operations, we’re constantly working and investing towards eliminating greenhouse gas footprint, entirely. Our focus is on making absolute emission reductions from energy and refrigerant use in our own operations of computer rooms. We’re transforming the way our company run by investing in migrating our data processing operations into Cloud, increasing energy efficiency and switching to renewable energy sources where possible. We’re also focusing on efficiency and innovation to reduce emissions from transporting our people and products by encouraging remote installations, downloads and online support where possible. Since the start of 2020 we’ve strategically partnered, across our operations, worldwide with cloud providers that use renewable grids (Microsoft and Oracle) and are further committed to complete decarburization by 2030. In terms of our office operations we’re reorganizing and redesign the interior fitting of our offices taking into consideration lower energy use, use of energy-efficient equipment (eg. printers) and switching to low-energy LED lighting. More specifically, over the last 5 years we have reduced by 45% printing and copying operations in all offices by encouraging digitalization of processes in reference to distribution and circulation of documents by utilizing our InfoGATE software. That lead to a reduction of CO2 emissions from energy used in our offices by 51.7%.
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